Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shelter on the brain

Whew. Its been a while...I wonder if anyone is still tuning in? Perhaps someone can post a reply and let me know there is someone out there :) Holla if ya here me.

I'm currently developing a lesson plan for my ceramics class based off some work of my own. The theme for the lesson is the idea of home and the reality of shelter mixed with some form.

So it's come to be that I have shelter on the brain. May also be because hubbs and I are looking for a house, a home, of our own. Let's just say that looking isn't easy when you're green...flash to Kermit...and fade out.

While researching shelter I've come to realize how ridicously far away from necessity we've gotten here in the US. A shelter is about fulfilling needs in regards to climate really. Do we need the 8 layers of latex paint, the new roof that will just need replacing again, the additions built with materials that are non-renewable and in many cases hazardous to your health?

Is there a better way? Are there building options out there for people who can't afford to hire an architectural team to build a new green home? You betcha.

I'm very interested in Michelle Kauffman designs at the moment. While mostly built for California temps, she has created houses for snowbound places such as Colorado and a spokesperson assured me that Maine wouldn't be an issue. Michelle worked as an associate with Frank Gehry. Michelle takes the ugly out of pre-fab housing and paints it green for what I think is a pretty darn reasonable price (remember that environmental solutions are typically more costly in the short term and cheaper in the long term):

Not what about remodeling or greening an already built house? Ah, you will have to read about that tomorrow because bed time has arrived...

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