Thursday, November 15, 2007

I want it now!

Sorry, that's the Veruca Salt in me but it was my honest reaction after viewing a commercial for the Honda FCX Fuel-Cell Car which is now a reality but only being leased to a few in the next year.

A single by-product of water, 68 mpg, durable corn-based polyester covered seats, sans engine noises, quick acceleration, deceptively roomy interior...what's not to love?

I must say there is one little quagmire to sort out. Where will the hydrogen to power such a vehicle come from when the car does begin selling to the public?

That quantity of hydrogen will need to be extracted or created by some resource be it water, biomass, natural gas, petroleum, ALGAE (check out the kinda makes me feel bad for the poor anaerobic cells), or...dum dum dummmmmm, coal. Noooooo!

We can only hope that the winner of a little contest next November 4th, will not see this as an opportunity to keep digging up those nuggets of darkness.

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