Sunday, November 25, 2007

No thanks, I don't need a bag

Many, many times I've said "I don't need a bag, thank you" and many, many times I've heard the phrase repeated back to me in the form of a question accompanied by a very baffled look from the cashier. To think that I might carry my items outside...into the light, where they might be seen!

Why do I bring this up? To illustrate that the changes we can make to our lifestyle in order to be more friendly to good ol' mother earth are very simple but are often met with resistance. People question, tease and sometimes even act as if I've just pinched their grandmother when I say, "Actually, you can recycle that".

To be environmentally conscious means that you make choices and decisions every minute, of every day. It means you can't keep your lifestyle exactly as it was before this consciousness. We are all consumers but we have choices in what we consume and if it means you have to give up your favorite lipstick because the container isn't recyclable and the stick is made from chemicals...well now, what a small price to pay for a better place to live, right?

Okay, I'm simplifying but these small choices do indeed matter when the person choosing is consistent. That may mean declaring confidently in front of a line full of people,

"No thanks...I do not need a bag".

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